Mechanical Engineering and Services

Whether it is an emergency breakdown or any mechanical failure, our highly experienced mechanical engineering and services team is ready to help your vessel in all aspects of mechanical works afloat and/or in our mechanical workshops. The typical examples of our services can be seen below;

  • Maintenance and overhaul of main and auxiliary engines
  • Reconditioning of main bearing, pistons, valves and seats
  • Machining of engine parts
  • Refurbishment of pumps
  • Repair and replacement of generators, gear systems and valves (PV, Safety etc.)
  • Maintenance and replacement of propulsion components
  • Installation and overhaul/repair of bowthrusters, pumps and turbochargers
  • Repair, replacement and installation of mooring/anchor winches, marine and gantry cranes
  • Maintenance of compressors, turbines, fans and other auxiliary parts
  • Inspection, repair and replacement of hydraulic units, cylinders and ramps

These are some of the Marine Diesel Engines that we provide engineering and services;

  • MAN

Mechanical Works Photo Gallery

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