Consultancy and Supervision

TSR Marine 
Consultancy and Supervision

As TSR Marine, we provide our clients effective designs, supervision and consultancy services with our team of highly experienced marine engineers and naval architects.

By being the one and only point of contact, we offer our clients complete solutions including technical support, inspection and construction supervisions. Our wide range of services are;


  • Design and analyse systems/equipment by using CAD software, 3D Modelling and Finite Element Analysis Programmes
  • Consulting of welding works by international welding engineers 
  • Pre-purchase inspections 
  • Condition survey for on-hire and off-hire
  • Technical Supervision of New Buildings and Conversion Projects 
  • Casualty and damage investigations
  • Stability works, calculations and analysis for approval of Classification Societies 
  • Inspection of class records 
  • Re-activation of vessels 
  • Demolition and Recycling brokering
  • Machinery fault troubleshooting
  • Floating Crane Service
  • Barge and Tug Boat Service




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