Ship Repair and Drydocking

TSR Marine 
Drydock and Ship Repair Management Agency

As TSR Marine, we work with numerous shipyards in Tuzla and Yalova Bays, provide our clients repair berths, variable drydocks and floating
docks for vessels up to length of 178.0m x 21.0m breadth.

We ensure that the projects of our clients are being handled by the most cost-effective way with our large-scale dock options which are well equipped to perform high standard repair and maintenance works for any type of vessels.

For the afloat repair period of the projects, length-free dedicated berths are fully serviced with fresh water, shore power, sewage and waste oil collection.

Depend on the needs of our clients, TSR Marine can offer the following services:


  • Steel damage (repair/renewal) 
  • Piping 
  • Valve repair/replacement 
  • Hull repair
  • Fender supply and replacement
  • Deck Outfitting works
  • Tank cleaning
  • Spare part supply and installation
  • Machining
  • Engine overhaul/repairs
  • Machinery overhaul/repairs
  •  Engine overhaul/repairs
  • Hydraulic engineering works
  • Electrical engineering works
  • Propulsion system repairs
  • High pressure hull cleaning
  •  Electrical engineering works
  • Grit blasting
  • Painting



TSR Marine provides quality workmanship with a professional and passionate attitude for your scheduled or unscheduled repairs.

Please Feel free to Contact Us For Any Tenders Or Inquiries

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