Conversion and Newbuilding

TSR Marine 
Conversion and Newbuilding

TSR Marine’s highly experienced and qualified engineering team provides a complete conversion service to the clients starting from the design phase to the end, by executing multi-discipline conversion methods for any type of vessels and/or floating structures.

With decades of experience in conversion projects and extensive knowledge of Classification Society requirements of dynamic and multi-disciplined teams, TSR Marine offers a wide variety of conversion services with;

  • Innovative solutions 
  • Upgrade projects for deadweight , passenger and vehicle carrying capacity 
  • Modification projects for vessels, structures and existing space 
  • Lengthening and conversion projects to any type of vessel
  • System design and replacement projects
  • Life extension programmes



Please also feel free to contact us for the newbuilding projects which will be evaluated case by case.

Please Feel free to Contact Us For Any Tenders Or Inquiries

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